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GSP Annual Report Spring 2016

The Greater Shankill Partnership's Greater Shankill News, published in spring 2016 is available to read on-line or download as a PDF.


CLICK HERE to view or download the document!


The paper includes stories on:

  • The Greater Shankill Children & Young People Zone
  • Shankill population rise
  • Local nurseries
  • SureStart
  • Success in local Model Schools
  • Historical photos exhibition
  • Housing news from DSD Minister
  • Greenway developments
  • Shankill's N.I. Tree of the Year 2016
  • Local job news
  • Health & family support
  • Global business from Shankill
  • Community safety initiatives
  • Feathered visitors that "haven't gone away you know!"
  • Emerging Shankill Art strategy
  • Girls' sporting excellence



Buzz Logan Documentary

Buzz Logan spent part of his life capturing the remarkable everyday lives of the Shankill people.  You can learn more about Buzz’s life and work from those who knew him, in this documentary centred around the recent exhibition of Buzz’s work in the Red Barn Gallery.

Watch the video here: Collapse the Box: Buzz Logan from Northern Visions NvTv on Vimeo


Shankill Population on the Rise

DSD Minister Mervyn Storey announced another 22 social & affordable homes for the Lawnbrook area at the Greater Shankill Housing Convention yesterday.

Speaking at the Convention, Minister Storey committed his Department to ensuring that the bad days of redevelopment are behind the Shankill. He made a personal commitment to the area, which he has now visited four times since his appointment last September. The Minister also stated that he is in contact with Minister John O'Dowd to see what can be done jointly to save Malvern Primary School.

Opening the Convention on behalf of the Agreed Agenda Group, Jackie Redpath called for a new Housing Strategy for Greater Shankill to build a sustainable community and address the issue of vacant sites. It was noted that for the first time in four decades, the Greater Shankill population has consistently risen over the last four years.

The Convention also noted achievements on the housing front since it last met as a Housing Convention in 2011: in Battenberg St (54 homes & 22 announced by Minister); Lower Shankill (33 & further 21 in pipeline); Woodvale (89); Ainsworth ( 5/6 to be built); Lower Oldpark ( 26 derelicts refurbished & 10/12 planned) and the Somervale development, after 12 years of struggle.